Eat Move Rest Heal Online Program Coming Again This April 2020… Save Your Spot!

eat move rest heal.png

I am offering my whole health program, Eat Move Rest Heal, again this Spring! (April 13- June 12, 2020) It is an online program created specifically for women. I intentionally chose the same name as my business because I wanted to create a program that would address the main areas that I am passionate about! The program will be 9 weeks long and will consist of 2 emails per week, challenges, tips, handouts, a private group forum to provide both accountability and community (optional, not required) and private access to message me for any questions along the way.

The first section (3 weeks), EAT, will cover nutrition and will be paired with a 21 day period in which participants will remove inflammatory foods from their diet (optional, but highly encouraged). Topics such as nutrient density, common nutrient deficiencies, macro- and micro-nutrients, the affect of inflammatory foods on our health, digestion and how to optimize nutrient absorption and more will be explored.

The second section (2 weeks), MOVE, will cover movement/exercise. Topics such as finding the right movement for you, how to view exercise in a healthy way, the benefits of strength training and more will be explored.

The third section (2 weeks), REST, will cover self-care and margin. Topics such as tweaking sleep habits and bedtime routines, creating relaxing self-care habits, letting go and saying no and so much more will be explored.

The fourth and final section (2 weeks), HEAL, will cover cultivating a healthy mindset. Topics such as how we view our bodies as women, how we view food and our relationship with food, and how we view our overall health and the role it plays in our lives will be explored.

In addition to the education in these important topics, there will be opportunities for participants to put the concepts they are learning into practice with practical application challenges. These experiences can then be shared with other participants in a private Facebook group (only if desired; group forum participation is optional) and also learn about other group members challenge experiences. There will also be the opportunity for participants to private message me with any particular questions throughout the program. Read what past participants have to say about the program here.

I will be rolling out the next session of Eat Move Rest Heal April 13th- June 12th, 2020. If you’d like to reserve your spot now, click here and use the paypal button.

Invite a friend to do the Eat Move Rest Heal Program with you and you and your friend will both get a 20% off discount (refund after registration).

There will be a limited amount of spots available. This course is a “take it at your own pace” type of course; you do not need to be present online at any particular day or time to participate.

Purchase of the program will count as registration. All sales are final.




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