Client Feedback

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Before seeing Erin, I was having a lot of problems with digestion, my menstrual cycle, sleep cycle, mood swings and other various issues.
Erin was very professional and after following her suggestions I began to see major changes with all of my previous concerns.
Most of my former issues have gone away completely in 2-3 months and others have lessened significantly in their level of severity.
I am more than pleased with Erin’s work as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and would highly recommend her to others.
 – Roxanne


In just a short amount of time working with Erin, I am already seeing amazing results!
I am stressing way less, moving more, lowering my inflammation, clearing up persistent skin issues, and improving my mood (even my family has noticed positive change!).
I am now having tons of energy to do the things I love, my period problems have reduced dramatically (pain and frequency), and I have been experiencing significant fat loss as well.
All my clothes are looser and people have been commenting on the changes in my appearance.
Thank you Erin! You’re the best.